28th April 2018

Europe Day, celebrated on 9 May, is fast approaching and institutions across Europe will be opening their doors to the public and putting on events to celebrate. Held in commemoration of the signing of the Schuman declaration in 1950, the event offers a chance for communities to celebrate peace and unity in Europe.

This year, celebrations in Caithness will be led by Europe Direct Information Centre North Highlands & Islands (EDIC), in collaboration with North Highland College UHI. On the day, groups of local primary school pupils will be invited to come along and find out more about European food and culture, and to learn about the importance of sustainability.

Trudy Morris, Chief Executive of Caithness Chamber of Commerce, which manages EDIC, said:

“Regardless of the outcome of the Brexit process, the North Highlands, Scotland, and the rest of the UK will continue to have a close relationship with our European neighbours, and it is important that our young people are given the opportunity to learn more about European food, culture and history, and to celebrate the peace and unity that Europe has seen since 1950.

“We are also inviting other groups and organisations across the region to celebrate in their own way, and we have resources on hand to help them plan and carry out their own events. Whether that’s suggestions on what to do, activity packs or materials to help run events, or simply a bit of help to promote an event, our team is ready to assist however they can.”

For those organisations looking to celebrate Europe Day, the EDIC team has put together a list of suggested activities to help them get started:

  • Host a European-themed breakfast / brunch / lunch – either ask your catering provider or have colleagues bring in European dishes
  • Showcase the work done by EU staff members, or work that your organisation has done with EU countries
  • For schools and colleges – showcase the work done by pupils or students studying European languages
  • Link up with a similar organisation in the EU and exchange postcards, letters or gifts

However you choose to celebrate it, the EDIC team would like to know! Contact us on Twitter @edicnhi or find us on Facebook at facebook.com/edicnhi and send us a message using the hashtag #EuropeDay2018.

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