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Here you’ll find the Key information and support available throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Please get in touch with any specific questions or if you cannot find what you’re looking for.

On 13/04/21 further updates to the Levels system were announced with dates of the proposed movement through the level system. Read the most up to date information here. 

The Scottish Government has published its draft Strategic Framework for suppressing COVID-19, including details of the new tiered approach to restrictions and the business support that they are proposing to make available.

The full document can be downloaded here, and viewed below.

New Protection Levels

Scottish Government has laid out five different protection levels, where Level 0 is broadly similar to the measures in place over the summer of 2020, and Level 4 is a return to something approaching full lockdown measures.

Full details of what the measures mean for different sectors and services can be found in Annex 1 to the Framework, and these can be very roughly summarised as follows:

  • Levels 0 / 1 – most businesses allowed to open and operate with limited restrictions; work from home to remain default; some level of indoor and in-home socialising possible
  • Levels 2 / 3 – many businesses allowed to open and operate with stricter restrictions; some close contact services not permitted; no in-home socialising and tighter restrictions on indoor activities
  • Level 4 – essential businesses and services only; some outdoor workplaces, manufacturing and construction permitted; no in-home or indoor socialising permitted

Specific tables for what activities are permitted in hospitality settings under each level can be found in Annex 2 to the Framework.

Keep up to date with the route map progress on The Scottish Government website here.

The following document summarises the key support packages announced by both UK and Scottish Governments to date, and we have provided further information on other support in following sections.

Download a PDF version of the Coronavirus Business Survival Guide here.

This document offers HR advice to businesses:

Download a PDF version of the Coronavirus HR Guide here.


General useful information across various sectors:

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