Virtual Learning Academy

The Virtual Learning Academy (The VLA) is an Education Provider founded in 2011 by Catherine Sutherland. Catherine spent some time working in further education after 20 successful years in Management. Originating in the Highlands of Scotland she recognised a need for more flexible and accessible learning methods to overcome the geographical challenges inherent in the UK’s most remote region.

Specialising in both Organisational and Personal Development the company have expanded their portfolio and will continue to do so. They have specialists in Learning & Development and all subjects presented. This enables VLA to bespoke and deliver programmes relevant to specific industries and careers.

The mission of the VLA is to break down the barriers to learning to ensure opportunity for all. VLA have been creating and innovating new methods of course delivery to meet the learning style and needs of those with diverse work and life commitments.

The Virtual Learning Academy’s passion is innovation. They are already working on new themes, products and services which they anticipate can break down even more barriers to learning to enable opportunity for all.

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  • Virtual Learning Academy
  • Suite 25
    Morlich House
    20 Davidson Drive
    IV18 0SA


  • T: 01349 853037

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