24th May 2019

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Cavendish Nuclear is developing pioneering technology to transform the way we decommission active cells and other redundant nuclear facilities on different nuclear licenced sites in the UK and abroad.

The In Cell Decommissioning System (IDS) brings together three existing technologies – the RadScan™ 3D gamma dose rate scanning technology of Cavendish Nuclear, the robotic laser-snake arm of OC Robotics and the VR expertise of Babcock– to create a remotely-operated platform that protects workers from radiation while giving them much greater visibility of the hazards.

These established technologies in spatial and radiometric scanning, remote deployment and virtual reality (VR) control deliver efficient operations through:

• a fully remote solution,

• less people and equipment,

• reduced man-machine interface,

• improved understanding of the environment,

• planning and checking via the VR interface,

• automated operations,

• and improved waste tracking and packing.

A short 3-minute video, highlighting the benefits of this technology, can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/9aWiK8beTrk

Cavendish Nuclear’s project lead Tony Carrigan said;

“We are combining technologies developed across different sectors of industry to deliver a breakthrough in the reduction of risks to workers, increased productivity, more efficient management of waste, reduced timescales and lower overall costs,”

IDS’ modular form means that it can be tailored to suit specific applications and its functional capabilities can be adapted using a range of deployment systems and tools.

This innovative system is something Cavendish Nuclear is actively promoting to its clients across the nuclear industry.

For more information about the IDS please contact Jonathan Britton, Instrument & Service Product Manager.

Email: Jonathan.Britton@cavendishnuclear.com Tel: 01925 938133

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