7th May 2020

The MoD have started the procurement process for the Site Management and Decommissioning of Vulcan.

Part of this process is holding a Market Engagement Day. Though the MoD are likely to be looking for a Tier 1 supplier for the overall contract, there will be opportunities for the local Tier 2, 3 and 4 supply chain and this Market Engagement Day will allow the supply chain to understand the process for the procurement, timescales and opportunities.

Due to COVID-19 the Market Engagement Day will be a virtual one held on Tuesday 9 June.

The Chamber will be making a short presentation on the day to outline the expertise of the local supply chain. Suppliers will also have access to our nuclear directory which many of you feature in, which includes those directly involved in decommissioning but also other services such as hotel accommodation, supplies, IT, transport, back office support etc, all of which are important and play a part in this size of contract.

Details are still to be finalised for the Market Engagement Day but to register go onto https://www.contracts.mod.uk/ and then:

  1. Register for a DCO supplier account which allows UK suppliers to search and access the Vulcan PIN and associated Addendum which is a DCB opportunity (i.e. only open to UK suppliers).
  2. Suppliers should register on AWARD via the link below and provide the required information by midnight on 22nd May, as detailed in the PIN Addendum: https://award.bravosolution.co.uk/vcdec/web/project/102/register
  3. Any suppliers still experiencing issues should contact the DCO helpdesk on 0800 282 324.
  4. The information available to suppliers at this time is included in the PIN, associated Addendum and on the AWARD tool. There are no charges associated with registrations for DCO or AWARD accounts.

Registering means you can get all the information and attend the Market Engagement Day, it doesn’t mean you have to go through the procurement process. Any problems with registration call the helpdesk number above.

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