3rd December 2020

A national conference will hear today how digital technology has the potential to enable a sustainable future for the civil nuclear sector over the coming years, bringing with it new opportunities and ways of working that will transform asset management.

Cavendish Nuclear, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Babcock International, is speaking at the Nuclear Industry Association’s Nuclear2020, which will be attended by delegates from across the nuclear industry.

Tony Burnett, Cavendish Nuclear’s Head of Innovation and Technology and Steve Penver, Babcock Group’s Head of Data and Analytics, will share insight on how ‘digital twins’ of nuclear assets can transform asset management and performance.

Digital technology has a fundamental role to play in the transition of ageing assets to a more sustainable future, and the impact on nuclear will be significant. They will explain the benefits of using applications such as digital twinning, to enable the nuclear industry to transition to a more sustainable future and be an essential, efficient element of the wider Net Zero 2050 Challenge.

Steve said, “Digital technology has a critical role to play in enabling a sustainable future for our business; whether that’s using a digital thread, digital twin or artificial intelligence. It’s also about working in close collaboration with our customer and having a clear mandate and a plan for how that transition will take place.

“We’re already deploying digital technology in the defence and marine industries and these proven applications mean that we can better understand the critical assets we are managing, develop better training solutions for our people to deliver, and ultimately improve availability by optimising maintenance and predicting failures.” Tony said, “A digital twin for storing data relating to the design, construction and operation of an asset, provides a deeper, real-time, long-term understanding of an asset’s performance and enables timely and effective asset management decisions
to be made throughout its life. “Application of this technology in the civil nuclear industry has significant potential in supporting ageing assets and in ensuring that new nuclear projects enable a more sustainable future.”

The presentation and Q&A is being held 10:00-11:00 and 14:00-15:00 in the Cavendish Nuclear breakout room at the Nuclear 2020 event. For more information on the conference and to register for free click here.

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