20th September 2021

Opportunities to partner with businesses and organisations across Europe in a range of areas including:

  • Communication services
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of wind turbines
  • Distribution of toys
  • Distribution of handcrafted stone products
  • Distribution of paints & enamels
  • Distribution of footwear
  • Manufacture of travel bags
  • Freight-forwarding, customs, logistics & distribution services
  • Engineering, electrical engineering & construction
  • Manufacture of finger-jointed panels and flooring
  • Healthcare consultancy
  • Distribution of anti-fogging glass/plastic
  • Biotechnology software development
  • Waste to hydrogen/biomass conversion
  • Protection of plants
  • Reprocessing of lithium batteries
  • Distribution of rope and nets
  • Manufacture of high-end sanitisers
  • Distribution of cleaning products

Find out more at https://www.enterprise-europe-scotland.com/content/clickhandler/viewer/?t=2&s=2598&z=20210919

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