22nd November 2021

Please note that this is just a summary of the key information and you should read the full Hybridisation of the Naval Fleet: Market Exploration Document prior to submitting any responses.


This Market Exploration exercise aims to find a Hybrid Powertrain potential solution for use in Royal Navy (RN) and Auxiliary ships. This is to aid the defence environmental sustainability strategy, to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by no later than 2050. Through prior research it has been found that hybrid engines have the potential to significantly reduce the overall emissions of RN and Auxiliary ships. By conducting a Market Exploration it is hoped that this technology can be taken further and implemented into active service.

What we want

DASA are interested in current or soon to be introduced Hybrid Powertrain potential solutions for use on RN and Auxiliary vessels in order to achieve a 20-40% emissions reduction by 2030. Potential solutions are sought around electrification (AC as well as DC) and electrical storage.

The Market Exploration will need to explore potential solutions capable of propelling ships such as:

  • Mass of 65,000 Tonnes at a speed of no less than 25 Knots. Length – 280m, Beam – 39/73m, Draught – 11m. Propulsion output is 4x 20MW
  • Mass of 6,900 Tonnes at a minimum of 26 Knots. Length – 150m, Beam – 21m. Power output is 2x 20MW
  • Mass of 7,350 Tonnes at a minimum speed requirement of 32 Knots. Length – 280m, Beam – 39/73m. Power output is 2x 21.5MW

What we don’t want

DASA are not interested in literature reviews, paper-based studies, consultancy, non-technical potential solutions or marginal improvements to existing capabilities. Potential solutions cannot only run on standard diesel and must have the adaptability to run with future fuels.

This is not a competition and therefore they are not asking for fully costed proposals at this stage. This is a market engagement request for information exercise, and we do not commit to subsequently launch a formal competition.

How to submit a Market Exploration Submission to DASA

Responses to this Market Exploration must be submitted via the DASA submission service, for which you will need to register.  You will be asked for a title and short summary of your innovation, along with questions related to your organisation, your idea and technology maturity.

Submissions must be submitted by midday (GMT) on 27 January 2022. Unfortunately DASA are unable to accept any submissions after this point.

Please only provide details of one product/capability per submission. If you have a number of potential solutions, then please submit multiple forms.

If you have any questions then please email accelerator@dstl.gov.uk with “Hybridisation of the Naval Fleet” in the subject line.

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