24th October 2022

Delighted to announce the launch of a new DASA Themed Competition seeking innovative technologies contributing to the development of a Novel Amphibious Craft concept to enable Commando Force to safely and rapidly insert themselves into high-threat environments. Future craft need to:

  1. travel at sustained high speed over a long-range,
  2. provide the ability to deliver personnel and light vehicles to a coastal access point with limited or no impact on operational speed/capability,
  3. relaunch from the coastal access point and
  4. operate with low signature across all spectrums (thermal, radar, visual, acoustic, etc.) to reduce the probability of detection.

We have £1m to support this competition. We expect proposals to be between £100k and £350k in value. This competition has two themes.

Theme 1: Priority Challenges

Theme 1 aims to address the following technical challenges faced by the capability:

  • Theme 1a: How to reduce the signature across multiple spectrums (thermal, radar, visual, acoustic etc.).
  • Theme 1b: How to deliver the Commando Force (troops and vehicles) across the water gap and minimise the requirement for wading.
  • Theme 1c: How to land onto/retract from an unprepared coastal access point.

Theme 2: Capability Design

Theme 2 aims to design a craft capable of delivering the complete capability defined above. This is a lower Technology Readiness Level (TRL) theme up to TRL4.

You can book one-to-one meetings with the Technical Team (using MS Teams) on 03 or 08 November. I’m sure these slots will go fast. The competition document (including Eventbrite links for the Teams meetings) is here:


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have.

Many thanks,

DASA Scotland

Deb (djcarr@dasa.service.mod.uk) Innovation Partner
Linda (lgalloway@dasa.service.mod.uk) Innovation Partner
Anis (amourad@dasa.service.mod.uk) Access to Mentoring and Finance Partner

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