ABEI Energy

ABEI Energy is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) with over 20 years of experience operating throughout Europe and the Americas. Our focus is the generation of clean energy from renewable sources, managing every step of the project lifecycle from inception through to operation. We have developed over two gigawatts of renewable energy installed capacity from wind, solar, hydroelectric, and tidal projects. Our ambition is to grow our portfolio further, through new site development, and in turn make an important contribution
towards national and international net-zero goals.

Our highly experienced UK team has a vast portfolio of active projects at various stages of project development. We have a dedicated Scottish Team who work across the country, developing an understanding of the varied landscapes with the aim to build key relationships with individuals and communities.

We protect landowner interests at every stage of the project lifecycle, from feasibility through to operation, and ensure our developments protect and improve onsite biodiversity, while supporting existing land use activities, such as agricultural practices, forestry, and field sports.

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