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MML is a business, management and sustainability support consultancy based and mainly operating in the north Highlands of Scotland. Business and management support is primarily focussed on the nuclear decommissioning industry and associated supply chain. Sustainability support is focussed on businesses, organisations and the wider community to enable them to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities presented by an outlook based on a Sustainable future.

Nuclear decommissioning support is available for:

  • Executive leadership support
  • Change management
  • Safety management
  • Project and programme management
  • Socio-economics in the travel-to-work area

Sustainability is complimentary to the socio-economic support. MML does not argue whether climate change is real, rather that change to our working and home lifestyles is inevitable, because both the UK and Scottish Governments declared a climate emergency to meet carbon reduction targets. There will be no choice, however, being ready for that change is completely manageable.

Through the ROSE Project initiative, MML can help businesses, organisations and others be ready for this change. Using sustainability, addressing environmental impact is balanced with the economic impact, the community (society) and the cultural heritage of the area. MML will help with this change, looking at the resilience of any organisation and advising on actions to be ready, adapt and take economic advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves. Contact us to find out more at info@rose-sustainability.co.uk

Further information on the ROSE Project can be found at https://rose-sustainability.co.uk

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