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More than Motivation is committed to transformation in your people, and will work with you to develop engagement, commitment and performance.  We believe in the power of authentic leadership, cohesive teams, and a culture of well-being to drive sustainable success.

Leadership Development:

More Than Motivation emphasises the crucial role of effective leadership with the Liberating Leadership Course, a revolutionary programme designed to empower leaders to inspire, innovate, and drive growth.  You will be introduced to the behaviours, skills and process that high performing leaders live by and, through challenging your own beliefs, you will learn to lead with strength, dignity and positive regard.

Liberating Leadership can be offered as an organisational leadership development programme or tailored to specifically suit the needs of small business owners who find themselves employing people.

Team Development Consultancy:

More Than Motivation offers bespoke team development consultancy services aimed at enhancing collaboration, communication, and synergy within teams. Through the utilisation of their flagship tool, Motivational Maps, both you and your team members will gain an understanding of individual motivators. This knowledge enables the implementation of rewards and incentives that genuinely resonate, while also fostering self-awareness among team members to identify ways to boost motivation and encourage positive working relationships.

Tailored workshops and training sessions equip teams with the necessary skills and tools for achieving peak performance.

Employee Wellbeing Consultancy:

Recognising the paramount importance of employee well-being, More than Motivation offers comprehensive consultancy services tailored to promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness in the workplace. Their approach transcends generic well-being programmes, acknowledging the unique culture, challenges, and employee demographics of each organisation.

In today’s fiercely competitive market, attracting and retaining top talent necessitates more than just offering competitive salaries. By fostering a workplace environment that prioritises employee well-being, organisations can distinguish themselves as employers of choice, attracting top-tier talent and mitigating turnover rates.

Let More Than Motivation be your catalyst for unlocking the full potential of your people and achieving unparalleled success.

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