Atkins – Silver Partner

Combining decades of expertise in clean power, nuclear, oil and gas to deliver lifecycle solutions in a constantly evolving sector, Atkins work with their energy partners to deliver the best value but also, through their expertise in sustainability, to protect tomorrow.

Clean power – As the world around us changes, the way we power it also has to change. Atkins have been one step ahead of these changes for over a century, leading the evolution of the energy sector to ensure clients who are powering the planet can do so as responsibly, sustainably and successfully as possible. The company are proud of their track record advancing clean power with innovations in both new builds and the retrofitting of existing energy infrastructure.

Nuclear – Clean, low-carbon nuclear power has long had the potential to break our reliance on less sustainable alternatives. As trusted partners Atkins help clients fulfil that potential with reliable, sustainable and affordable solutions.

Oil & gas – Clients in the oil and gas industry need to deliver projects that ensure long-term, sustainable success in a fast-changing world with fast-changing needs. Atkins enable them to do just that by drawing on their experience and pioneering present-day expertise and technology. By forging lasting and beneficial relationships Atkins deliver long-term value for their clients.

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