Wick Heritage Museum

The Museum’s first displays opened to the public in 1981 and they have continued to expand in terms of subject and content as items were either loaned or gifted. Significant work is being done to negotiate the status of many exhibits from on loan into ownership of the Society. This is one of the key requirements of the accreditation application process of the Scottish Museums Council, a body that The Wick Society continues to work closely with to ensure it meets the necessary criteria.

In the early days most items were accepted on loan. However, as items with strong local connections were identified the option to purchase was initiated. On the 4th February 2002 the Wick Society bought the land and buildings to the East of the Heritage Centre to enable continuing development. On the 7 January 2004 the Wick Society became a Company Limited by Guarantee and the Wick Heritage Centre became The Wick Heritage Museum.

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