A brief update from Fibre 1;

At the start of December Fibre 1 were shortlisted for Reseller of the Year at Comms Business Awards. Although we did not win the award, to be shortlisted and in the top 3 out of 200 businesses at such an early stage in the business is an incredible achievement for Fibre 1 and we are so pleased to have been shortlisted and recognised for such an esteemed award. It is a massive achievement for us and we could not be more proud of the hard work accomplished to get us there.

Moving into 2021 many businesses have taken the decision to close offices and work from home permanently, this means being connected and able to effectively communicate is vital. Microsoft Teams is a great tool to enhance easy remote working. We can fully integrate with Microsoft Teams, allowing you to instantly have remote working enabled for your users with your current VoIP system.

We are on hand to ensure you are best equipped to adjust to what your new normal will be and offer more flexibility in remote working.

Teams Integration will allow your users to make and receive calls wherever they are with the added collaboration benefits of: File Sharing, Screen Sharing, Video Calling and Instant Chat.  No extra software or hardware is required to get you up and running on Teams and includes your existing bundled minutes.  All that is required is an additional licence to enable Teams integration which compliments your VoIP phones to provide users a physical desk phone whilst in the office and Teams for calls when out of office.

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Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is becoming more widely available to companies across the UK with infrastructure being installed in more locations helping companies to have improved connectivity services in even some of the more remote locations.  FTTP replaces the more traditional copper based broadband like ADSL with the fibre connection running the entire way from the local exchange to the property.  This type of connection promises to deliver a more consistent, reliable and faster service removing the headache of drops in signal which you may be subject to when using a more traditional cooper line.  The delivery method of carrying light down the fibre optic cable ensures the speeds and overall performance are unaffected by the distance between your property and the exchange.

FTTP offers the highest transfer speeds available among all contended services.  FTTP is a shared contended service with other locations which can lead to speed fluctuations at peak times however users should still notice a considerable improvement in their service compared to copper based.  Upload and download speeds can differ, e.g. a higher download than upload.

An easy availability checker can confirm whether FTTP is available in your area.  If currently unavailable with the expansions continuing it may not be long before your company can benefit from a more reliable and faster connection.

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