Import/Export Advice and Guidance

Many of the rules around importing and exporting have changed as a result of the Brexit process. Businesses exporting to or importing from now need to take a number of additional steps such as getting an EORI number, ensuring that international trade paperwork is correct and that customs matters are dealt with, and much more.

The UK Government has provided a central resource for all matters relating to import, export and customs for businesses. This can be accessed here and provides detail on areas including:

  • Getting started with import/export
  • Reducing and delaying duty
  • Preparing information for your declaration
  • Declaring your goods
  • Paying import duty and VAT
  • Specific goods and services
  • Carriers and freight forwarders
  • Storing goods
  • Moving goods through common transit countries

Detailed guidance on every aspect of these areas, along with import and export forms and details of tariffs and duties can be found on GOV.UK.