Movement Assistance Scheme

There are new requirements for moving live animals, products of animal origin, plants and plant products (agrifood goods) from Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) to Northern Ireland (NI).

The Movement Assistance Scheme (MAS) means that if you’re a:

  • trader moving live animals and other animal or plant products including organic products, you do not need to pay to have them inspected and certified
  • official veterinarian or other certifier, you must not charge for inspecting and certifying – you can invoice the government for the costs

The Scheme will also cover costs related to:

  • scrapies testing for sheep exports
  • sample testing and certification required for individual seed lots
  • the Plant Health Exports Audited Trader Scheme (PHEATS) (from 1 August 2021)
  • exporters in Great Britain who move organics solely to Northern Ireland, and Northern Irish importers who face new costs to receive these goods from Great Britain (from 1 August 2021)

Government inspectors will not charge for inspecting and certifying plants or plant products. The scheme also covers movements to NI via the Republic of Ireland.

Guidance on moving agrifood goods can be found on the MAS website, and you can also get advice from the MAS helpline (0330 0416 580) on areas including:

  • export health certificates
  • live animals
  • animal products
  • plant and plants product types