The Catalyst Fund

The Catalyst Fund is a new kind of social investment product that support ambitious social enterprises to start and scale their businesses. It offers loans starting at £50K using a flexible, revenue-based repayment model.

The Fund is aimed at ambitious social enterprises in Scotland who have potential to deliver significant social impact but are unable to access existing social investment products. Eligibility criteria include:

  • The enterprise aims to provide direct social benefit to individuals, communities and/or the environment.
  • The enterprise is up and running and able to provide evidence of potential for income generation and social impact.
  • Profits from the enterprise are reinvested in the business and its social aims.
  • The enterprise has considered other forms or providers of investment to fund the project or business.

The Catalyst Fund operates a revenue-based repayment model, so loan recipients will not start repayments until they have begun to generate revenue, and the monthly repayment amounts are based on revenue earned.

Full details of eligibility and how to apply can be found on the Firstport website.