Circular Economy Accelerator

The circular economy is all about making things last and designing products in such a way that they can be used and re-used for as long as possible. It looks at the whole lifecycle of a product, from ensuring that manufacturing by-products are captured and used elsewhere, to ensuring that at the end of its life the finished product can be recycled or remanufactured.

Embracing the circular economy way of working can help businesses to reduce costs and make their processes more efficient, as well as generating new income streams, opening up new markets and, ultimately, making the business as a whole more sustainable.

Zero Waste Scotland’s Circular Economy Accelerator is aimed at informing and inspiring businesses about the value of circular economy business models, as well as offering additional funding and support to help you make the switch.

Find out more on the Zero Waste Scotland website and then contact our team today on 01847 890076 or by emailing to find out how we can help.