Food Waste Reduction

The Scottish Government has committed to an ambitious target of reducing food waste by 33 per cent by 2025, and businesses will have a key role to play in hitting that target. Not only does food waste from businesses waste all the energy and resources that went into transporting and producing it, as well as potentially generating harmful methane emissions, it ultimately ends up costing the business money. It’s estimated that every 240-litre bin filled with food waste costs the business £151.

Zero Waste Scotland’s Food Waste Reduction programme can help you understand and address the impacts that food waste is having on your business and the environment, with support available including:

  • An opportunity assessment – to identify where savings can be made
  • A feedback report – written for you, highlighting key actions and how much you can save
  • Funding and financing – information on the support available to you

The Chamber team can help you throughout this process, whether that’s sorting out what information you might need to start the process or helping you through applications for funding once you’ve received feedback. Contact our team today on 01847 890076 or by emailing to find out how we can help.