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Every business, no matter how big or small, has to remain compliant with the law – on local, national and even international levels. With so many areas to cover – employment law, health & safety, VAT and tax, debt recovery, etc. – and with laws changing all the time, this can often seem like an overwhelming task.

Unfortunately, no matter how well you plan and manage your business, you may find yourself involved in a legal dispute. Whatever the nature of the dispute – employment-related, licence protection, tax-related, etc. – this can lead to unexpected and expensive legal and professional fees.

That’s why the Chamber provides its members with 24/7 free access to our Legal Advice Line. Staffed by independent solicitors and consultants, this provides an essential service for any legal query you might have – 01455 852 037

With this advice and support, you can often prevent legal issues from escalating in the first place. However, should this prove to be insufficient, you as a member will also have access to Legal Expenses Insurance to protect your business from legal fees and financial penalties.

Covering you for up to £100,000 of annual cover per claim, this membership benefit alone is worth at least £125.00 a year for your business.

In 2019, the average value of the four services provided as part of your membership (Health & Safety, HR, Legal, and Tax) had an overall value to Caithness Chamber members of £6295.

You’ll also get access to approximately 200 free downloadable legal documents for your business.

If you are a current member of the Chamber, click here to access the Quest online system using your unique login details.

Chamber Legal Expenses Insurance

Covering you for up to £100,000 of annual cover per claim, Chamber Legal Expenses insurance is worth at least £125.00 a year for your business. The insurance covers representation in the event of a legal dispute occurring in relation to the following:

  • Employment disputes
  • Health & Safety prosecutions
  • Tax protection
  • Criminal prosecution defence
  • Statutory licence protection
  • Jury service allowance
  • Property disputes
  • Data protection
  • Personal injury
  • Motor disputes
  • Wrongful arrest defence

To find out more about Chamber Legal Expenses insurance and other benefits you could gain from joining the Chamber, contact Fiona Levack today on or 01847 890076.

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Fiona Levack
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